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Alex Froom

Executive Director

Alex is a theologian, social worker, and nonprofit leader who works at the intersection of food, land, and community. He holds a Master of Divinity and Master of Social Work from Boston University. Alex has worked in community organizing, nonprofit development, youth development and food systems in New England, the Southwest, and the Pacific Northwest. He dreams of a resilient local food web that is good for people, the land, and all our plant and animal relatives. He loves mountains, water, skiing, hiking and gardening.

Malu Froom

Creative Director

Malu grew up close to nature in Hawaii and the Southwest, forming an abiding interest in the patterns and interconnections of land and life. She lived in the Navajo Nation for many years where she ran a youth garden program. Malu is well versed in cookery, horticulture and climate solutions, and is mildly obsessive about finding the best uses for unwanted materials. Formally, she studied printmaking at UC Santa Cruz and building design at Yestermorrow. Malu and Alex tend a rambunctious garden with their young son in Klamath Falls while reimagining their local food economy.


Julia Perbohner

Project Manager

Julia was brought up in a home that embraced creativity, environmental stewardship and learning. Her mom inspired her love for sustainable materials, opened her mind to the power of botany, and demonstrated the innate intelligence that nature holds. With a major in Ecosystem Science and Sustainability from Colorado State University paired with a love of design, Julia aims to foster built environments that are healthy, regenerative and community oriented. Her background in research, environmental justice and agriculture will help her do exactly this at Watershed Row.

Place Collaborative

Project Architects

Based in Park City, Utah, Place Collaborative focuses on creating and sharing open-source solutions in all places. They consult with design teams, building owners and operators, planners, and policymakers. They are a majority woman-owned and operated company and benefit corporation that provides regenerative solutions. They are engaged in projects at the regional, community, and building scales.


Website credits

Original art by Malu Froom and Christy Snook.

Web design by Julia Perbohner and Malu Froom.

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