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Help create the space

Want to collaborate in making beautiful things from salvaged materials, or in telling watershed stories through stunning visuals? We will commission the following:

  • Outdoor interactive sculpture

  • Murals inside and outside

  • Chandeliers and mobiles

  • Painting and mixed media for wall display

  • Architectural components

To inquire, email us a statement of interest with

examples of your work.

Help tell the story

Watershed Row sits at an intersection of water, land, local food and small business. We’re looking for photographers and filmmakers who can follow these different threads and weave them into a new Western story of inter-dependence and resilience. This project merits an eye for architectural and landscape imagery, a taste for complex, interwoven narratives and commitment to a multiyear process.  Interested? Let’s talk!


Sign up for our quarterly and follow us on social media to learn about volunteer events.

Employment Opportunities

Stay tuned...

Get involved in the climbing gym

The gym was a favorite community spot until its closure in 2020. The robust climbing walls still stand, awaiting their next lease on life. Planned renovations include a new reception area, lockers, restrooms and a workout area, as well as building envelope, HVAC and lighting improvements. We are looking for investors big and small. Email Alex with questions and stay up to date through our quarterly.


We’re looking for artists, craftspeople, storytellers, funders and community members to help bring this ambitious vision to life.

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